Saturday, June 4

Open Source Machines

CNN ran a story on a self-replicating machine that can also manufacture different types of consumer products. This technology has the potential to change the world's paradigm as we know it. Think:

If this technology spreads, most people will have a self-replicating machine they can use to manufacture consumer goods, but they can also make copies of the machine itself. This allows them to distribute the machine (via grassroots) to their friends. It also inspires a technological savvy amongst previously "non-tech oriented" persons, producing 'modifications' and 'updated' versions of the machine. Eventually, this will lead to more complex manufacturing abilities and ultimately to a world where "machinists" can custom make virtually anything they need.

The implications for our economic system are huge. Industries that rely on manufacturing goods will need to find a way to survive or perish. Our monetary system will collapse; broadly stated, raw materials, energy, and food will be the only items with any bargaining power. Eventually, (with advances in biotechnology and nanotechnology) food may even disappear from this list.

We will no longer rank ourselves based on material possession because everyone will be able to produce their own personalized belongings. Science, information, philosophy, and art will be our focus. Automation will make gathering and distributing raw materials and energy a maintenance issue. Volunteering will provide a workforce for required activities. Community based programs will take on a new importance and the world will transform into virtually a borderless meta-community.

Of course there are those few bad apples that will come up with a creative way to use this technology for negative purposes, but they will easily be overwhelmed by the will of the masses to build a better world.

"just a dreamer's world"- Astragalus

Friday, May 27

Blog Helps Catch Killer

In recent news, a web log became the primary piece of evidence in convicting Jin Lin, 23, of first degree murder. The Blog posted on Anime News Network by Simon Sek Man Ng just minutes before the murder occurred mentions the killer as he waits downstairs. Ng's creepy last words place the Lin at the correct time and location for the murder:

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Today I missed my Japanese class again, since I have gotten a bad throat. I only went to the class once this week, so I am probably so far behind now. I will catch up in the summer tho so no worries hehe. Anyway today has been weird, at 3 some guy ringed the bell. I went down and recognized it was my sister's former boyfriend. He told me he wants to get his fishing poles back. I told him to wait downstair while I get them for him. While I was searching them, he is already in the house. He is still here right now, smoking, walking all around the house with his shoes on which btw I just washed the floor 2 days ago! Hopefully he will leave soon, oh yeah working on the jap report as we speak!

Posted 5/12/2005 at 5:05 PM - email it

Criminals Beware: the blogs are watching.

Monday, March 28

Still working on structuring business advice

Soon advice will be flowing freely from this website, however, it will take some time to collect and categorize information.

To the anonymous posts in business advice category: Great! A website adds validity to a company, without don't exist in the customer's mind. Advertising can be expensive, the highest costing ways to advertise are TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, and Direct mail. However, Direct mail is highly effective and measurable. Internet advertising is still a new method and is very hard to measure how effective it really is. However, there are other ways to get the word out about your business. I'm sure all of you found this site either by accident or word of mouth because I haven't paid a dime to promote it. Using chat rooms, comment posts, links, and word of mouth are some of the most legitimate forms of advertising and they are free! Promoting your business through public relations avenues is a whole other lesson completely, but it never hurts to prepare a "news style" article about what you're doing and send it off to local news organizations.

Most importantly...know your market. Familiarize yourself with who your customers are, then decide how best to target that audience with the perfect form of media.

More on this and other topics as I prepare advice and post it, I assure you that I will keep this site up to date and share as much of what I have learned as I can. Great questions, I can only help if people share their questions and thoughts with me.

Friday, March 25

Start up business advice (coming soon)

Worried about where to start? How to protect your ideas? Who to contact? Where to find information? Soon I will be adding what I have learned through my journey to help others who are just starting out. This advice will be geared towards inventors, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and prospective business owners. It will be communicated in plain English with the non-business savvy person in mind. Feel free to bookmark this site, send links to friends who may be interested, and regularly check it for updates (I don't make any money off it as this is a Blogging site).

Purpose for Humility?

"He's just full of information," says Courtney. "I'm just starting to realize this, it's very impressive!," comments Liz. Meanwhile, I feel embarrassed. I had been telling Liz about a new study that could bring about a change to an economic theory that's held true for more than 100 years (it's called neuroeconomics, Google it). But now I feel a bit uncomfortable because my friend Courtney has singled me out as someone special, granted its just a positive comment, but I know I shouldn't feel prideful so it makes me a bit uneasy.

I am willing to bet that most people feel this way, because in most societies we are taught from an early age to have humility. Ever heard someone bragging about themselves and felt an utter disgust for them? Yes, you have. But what's the purpose? Do we accomplish anything? Do we advance our species because we are taught to seem humble?

No, if anything, humility restricts us. If we all got to brag about things we were proud of, most of us wouldn't have self esteem issues. So what is the functionality of humility for a society? What does it do for us?

I can tell you what it does for the rich...everything. Superstars and idols would not exist if we were all interested in ourselves. Humility is taught at an early age to make sure we are bothered by accolades and public success. If we grow up uncomfortable with external achievement, it insures by the time we are able to achieve real success... we don't want to.

So what does humility provide for society? Insurance that most people will choose mediocrity over real achievement because they have been taught that reaching one's full potential is embarrassing.